The CDC has a set of quality standards and best practice guidelines designed to meet the needs of children with special educational needs.

We are required to meet these standards which are designed by the CDC and approved by the Social Welfare Department. These policies and procedures which govern the CDC operations are available for parents’ reference in our office. Monthly based statistics are also available in our office for reference. Service users are invited to provide any comments or feedback regarding the policies, procedures and statistics.

Programme descriptions and information for all services offered by the CDC are located on the website

The CDC regularly reviews its policies and procedures on a three-five year rotational basis.

Training hours, therapy hours, assessments and any other activities related to the children are kept for statistical purposes.

Descriptions of roles and responsibilities of the leadership team and governing bodies are updated as and when appropriate.

Policies and procedures on recruitment, deployment, promotion, contracts, discipline, induction, supervision, appraisal and training and development for staff.

Strategic/directional plans are reviewed annually and updated every three years.

Policies and procedures for developing and endorsing budgets, managing financial resources and monitoring performance, and on introducing efficiencies.

Policy and procedures to ensure compliance.

Policies and procedures are written and implemented relating to health and safety, fire and typhoons. These include handling emergencies, roles of staff, hazards and maintenance and records of incidents and accidents.

Policy and procedures written and implemented relating to criteria and priority for entry, target groups and refusal of entry.

Policy and procedures for assessing and meeting clients needs, including responsibilities, mechanisms for consulting parents and for specifying timeframes and plans for implementation of programmes and review.

Policy and procedures formulated and a list of possible circumstances for choices compiled with timeframes and information on how and when choices need to be made including responsibilities.

Policy and procedures in relation to looking after private property in the CDC .

Policies and procedures written and implemented.

Policy and procedures written and implemented in relation to service users, staff and others, including responsibilities, recording, reporting and freedom from retribution.

Policy and procedures written and implemented, including staff training on the nature of abuse and how to identify cases and on recording and documentation.