Our Team


Dr. Yvonne Becher

Chief Executive | Director, Programme Development & Learning

Dr. Yvonne Becher brings an extensive background as an experienced and distinguished child psychologist to her current roles at the CDC.

Jackie Lau

Director, Finance and Operations

Jackie is a certified accountant with extensive experience in managing finance, administration and operations in both commercial and non-profit making organisations.

Dr. Evita Kam

Head of Services

Dr. Evita Kam has extensive teaching experience in the special education sector. She maintains strong links to academia and supervises the CDC frontline team to maximise children’s developmental potential as well as promote the importance of parenting in Hong Kong.

Phyllis Lee

Centre Incharge

With extensive experience in the early childhood education sector, Phyllis strives for growth and success of the CDC in contributing to the SEN community in Hong Kong.

Ceci Tsoi

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Noticing the increasing needs of children, Ceci is motivated to focus on providing play-based learning approaches to support as many children as possible at the CDC.

Christine Li

Special Educational Needs Teacher

As a Special Educational Needs Teacher at the CDC, Christine is passionate about encouraging learning through fun activities. She also believes that teachers should seek the most appropriate ways to facilitate learning for each individual child.

Henny Dwi

Early Years Educator

With her study in Early Childhood Education and background in operations and administrations, Henny is driven to apply her knowledge and skills in a structured yet playful approach to enhance children’s learning experiences and empower families and caregivers.

Marry Schmeing

Special Needs Educator

Born and educated in the Philippines, Marry is a Special Needs Educator at the CDC.

Alice Chan

Special Child Care Worker

Integrating elements of play in her teaching approach helps Alice understand children’s additional needs more deeply, thus helping her better plan personalised teaching strategies for each of them.

Christine Yu

Special Child Care Worker

With her hands-on experience from mainstream nursery and special school settings, Christine has an understanding of the imminent needs of local families and families from diverse backgrounds.

Sarah Lo

Special Child Care Worker

Sarah is determined to bring a joyful learning experience to her students and discover the strength in every child.

Charlene Yip

Occupational Therapist

Charlene is determined to integrate children’s strengths and interests into therapy to bring out their intrinsic motivation and build their self-confidence.

Fiona Yim

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Fiona is passionate about providing a caring learning environment to children in need.

Gundeep Singh

Occupational Therapist

Having extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Occupational Therapy, Gundeep is highly motivated to support children with additional needs and contribute his profession to the local SEN community.

Isaac Chan

Occupational Therapist

Isaac finds himself to be most energised and motivated when working with children and witnessing their growth and improvement.

Ada Chik

Speech and Language Therapist

Having a strong interest in Education and Speech Pathology, Ada is committed to providing quality teaching and therapy to children with speech and language challenges.

Athena Wong

Speech and Language Therapist

Detail-minded Athena strives for dynamic approaches to promote children’s development and well-being.

Jacqueline Ng

Speech and Language Therapist

Understanding how a child’s surroundings greatly influences their development, Jacqueline is devoted to boosting children’s self-esteem and enhancing their learning environment to contribute to their happiness and quality of life.

Jenessa Fan

Speech & Language Therapist

Jenessa aims to make therapy a place where children and families feel comfortable, safe, and have their voices heard.

Tiffany Cheng

Speech and Language Therapist

Tiffany believes that it is important to understand the families’ cultural values in order to build trust with the children and parents.

Windy Ho

Programme Officer

Windy is dedicated to applying her profession in social work to children with additional needs and their families in Hong Kong.

Michelle Li

Educational Psychologist

With her training in Hong Kong and the U.K., Michelle is passionate about providing professional and comprehensive support to children in order to help them recognise and develop their strengths, as well as achieve their full potential.

Naina Suri

Clinical Psychologist

Naina approaches every child keeping in mind the biopsychological aspect of well-being and believes in understanding the child holistically.

Vanessa Mak

Behaviour Therapist

Vanessa enjoys sharing her experience in working with children with additional needs in both individual and group settings.


Bonnie Woo

Admissions & Operations Manager

Alex Leung

Senior Accountant

Ben Chan

Multimedia Design/Digital Marketing Office

Christine Ng

Community Development Manager

Yuli Yu

Senior Human Resources Officer



Sylvia Lam

Admissions & Administration Officers

Jam Yim

Communications Officer



Iris Chan

Admissions & Administration Officers

Fion Kwok

Community Development Officer

Anita Tsang