Our Team


Dr. Yvonne Becher

Chief Executive | Director, Programme Development & Learning

Dr. Yvonne Becher brings an extensive background as an experienced and distinguished child psychologist to her current roles at the CDC.

Cordelia Au

Director, Community Development

Cordelia is experienced in the fundraising and development field, having worked in a variety of local and international NGOs.

Jackie Lau

Director, Finance and Operations

Jackie is a certified accountant with extensive experience in managing finance, administration and operations in both commercial and non-profit making organisations.

Louise Kirkman

Controller - Risk & Compliance

A long-standing CDC staff member since 1999, Louise has experience working both inside and outside of the classroom setting in the CDC.

Julie Giles

Assistant Director, Programme Development & Learning | Speech and Language Therapist

Having worked as a Speech and Language Therapist at the CDC since 1999, Julie’s role now focuses on developing and supporting the development of the Centre’s programmes and staff with her extensive skills and experience in working with young children and families.

Isabel Li

Psychology Team Leader | Educational Psychologist

Isabel has solid experience in working with children. Upon receiving her psychology undergraduate degree in the U.S., Isabel further pursued professional training in Educational Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy in Hong Kong.

Joan Ng

Teaching Team Leader

A long-term CDC teacher, Joan has a firm belief we must allow each child to learn in their own way.

Thomas Ho

Therapy Team Leader | Occupational Therapist

Trained in Canada where he practised as an occupational therapist for over 15 years, Thomas brings to the CDC team his extensive experience of using an interdisciplinary approach when providing services to children and families.

Yvonne So

ABA Team Leader | Admissions Coordinator

Yvonne is one of the few specialists in Hong Kong who has been awarded the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst status.

Christine Li

Special Educational Needs Teacher

As a Special Educational Needs Teacher at the CDC, Christine is passionate about encouraging learning through fun activities. She also believes that teachers should seek the most appropriate ways to facilitate learning for each individual child.

Marry Schmeing

Special Needs Educator

Born and educated in the Philippines, Marry is a Special Educational Needs Teacher at CDC.

Olivia Lee

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Olivia is an experienced and passionate teacher who treasures every child’s uniqueness and is dedicated in inspiring child’s learning.

Shirley Ng

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Motivated by the work of the CDC, Shirley values seeing her students making progress throughout their learning journey and is committed to utilising her specialised knowledge to maximise their development.

Bonnie Lam

Special Child Care Worker

Dedicated to working with children, Bonnie joined the CDC as a Special Child Care Worker. Bonnie believes that gaining children’s trust is essential in supporting them through their learning journey.

Becky Tsui

Classroom Assistant

Following valuable teaching experience in both Australia and Hong Kong, Becky joined the CDC because she wants to be able to give every child an equal opportunity to learn what they deserve to learn.

Veonsie Tsang

Classroom Assistant

As a Classroom Assistant with CDC, Veonsie is motivated by being part of a multi-disciplinary team – collaborating across disciplines – to help children develop and become increasingly independent in their thinking and behaviour.

Halijah Brewster


An experienced professional, Halijah brings physiotherapy and expertise training from Australia with specialty training in sensory integration.

Coley Yeung

Occupational Therapist

With well over 10 years of occupational therapy experience, Coley is a well-rounded therapist who has a wealth of knowledge in working with young children with individual needs.

Natalie Craig

Occupational Therapist

With a desire to help children to lead a full life and function independently, Natalie joined CDC as soon as she moved to Hong Kong from the UK.

Sara Dobson

Occupational Therapist

Sara is an experienced Occupational Therapist who has worked in various settings in both Hong Kong and the United States.

Sonia Yu

Occupational Therapist

Having graduated and worked in Australia, Sonia found her passion at the CDC working closely with children with special educational needs from diverse backgrounds.

Jenny Ho

Speech and Language Therapist

Believing that each child should have an equal opportunity to succeed, Jenny believes that catering for their unique learning needs is essential in order to maximise their achievements.

Matthew Lee

Speech and Language Therapist

Wanting to make a difference in children’s lives, Matthew joined the CDC after qualifying and working in Australia.

Karen Tse

Programme Integration Assistant Manager

Karen has 10 years solid experience in working with children with learning difficulties. She joined the CDC in 2017 and was appointed to the role of Programme Integration Assistant Manager in 2019.


Bonnie Woo

Admissions & Operations Manager

Eric Poon

Admissions & Administration Officer

Chiranjiv Wasan

Multimedia Design Officer

Jam Yim

Communications Officer

Crystal Lam

Community Development Officer

Siu Wah Lui


Lai Fun Tsang


Bik Ling Wan

Senior Accounts Officer