Our Team


Dr. Yvonne Becher

Chief Executive | Director, Programme Development & Learning

Dr. Yvonne Becher brings an extensive background as an experienced and distinguished child psychologist to her current roles at the CDC.

Jackie Lau

Director, Finance and Operations

Jackie is a certified accountant with extensive experience in managing finance, administration and operations in both commercial and non-profit making organisations.

Louise Kirkman

Controller - Risk & Compliance

A long-standing CDC staff member since 1999, Louise has experience working both inside and outside of the classroom setting in the CDC.

Phyllis Lee

Centre Incharge

With extensive experience in the early childhood education sector, Phyllis strives for growth and success of the CDC in contributing to the SEN community in Hong Kong.

Karen Tse

Programme Manager

Karen has 10 years solid experience in working with children with learning difficulties. She joined the CDC in 2017 and was appointed to the role of Programme Manager in 2021.

Serene Cheong

Occupational Therapy Team Leader | Occupational Therapist

Having extensive experience in occupational therapy in Hong Kong and Singapore, Serene helps children with additional needs to gain confidence in learning and supports parents to engage in positive parenting.

Yvonne So

ABA Programme Development Leader

Yvonne is one of the few specialists in Hong Kong who has been awarded the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst status.

Evita Kam

Curriculum Development Manager / Senior Special Educational Needs Teacher

Evita believes that “if children can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn”.

Christine Li

Special Educational Needs Teacher

As a Special Educational Needs Teacher at the CDC, Christine is passionate about encouraging learning through fun activities. She also believes that teachers should seek the most appropriate ways to facilitate learning for each individual child.

Shirley Ng

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Motivated by the work of the CDC, Shirley values seeing her students making progress throughout their learning journey and is committed to utilising her specialised knowledge to maximise their development.

Marry Schmeing

Special Needs Educator

Born and educated in the Philippines, Marry is a Special Needs Educator at the CDC.

Natalie Lee

Early Years Educator

Natalie is devoted to cultivating positive relationships with families and finds the CDC’s caring environment a perfect setting to promote the importance of parental involvement.

Eliza Wong

Special Child Care Worker

Eliza pursues her goal of helping more children with individual needs to receive the appropriate early intervention education they require.

Flora Cheung

Special Child Care Worker

Flora is particularly interested in designing story-based activities as she finds it effective to keep children intrigued and focused.

Sarah Lo

Special Child Care Worker

Sarah is determined to bring a joyful learning experience to her students and discover the strength in every child.

Natalie Cheng

Occupational Therapist

Natalie joined the CDC bringing her passion for helping children and their families lead a full life and function independently.

Ada Chik

Speech and Language Therapist

Having a strong interest in Education and Speech Pathology, Ada is committed to providing quality teaching and therapy to children with speech and language challenges.

Clarice Lau

Speech and Language Therapist

Clarice aims to provide holistic personalised therapy according to children’s own interests to facilitate their early development.

Jacqueline Ng

Speech and Language Therapist

Understanding how a child’s surroundings greatly influences their development, Jacqueline is devoted to boosting children’s self-esteem and enhancing their learning environment to contribute to their happiness and quality of life.

Jenessa Fan

Speech & Language Therapist

Jenessa aims to make therapy a place where children and families feel comfortable, safe, and have their voices heard.

Tiffany Cheng

Speech and Language Therapist

Tiffany believes that it is important to understand the families’ cultural values in order to build trust with the children and parents.

Michelle Li

Educational Psychologist

With her training in Hong Kong and the U.K., Michelle is passionate about providing professional and comprehensive support to children in order to help them recognise and develop their strengths and achieve their potential.

Naina Suri

Clinical Psychologist

Naina approaches every child keeping in mind the biopsychological aspect of well-being and believes in understanding the child holistically.

Eros Pong

Behaviour Therapist

Facilitating children with special needs to achieve their full potential is the main driving force behind Eros’s commitment.

Velika Wong

Behaviour Therapist

Velika has extensive ABA experience in Hong Kong and the U.S. and is committed to play a crucial role in making a difference to children’s lives.


Bonnie Woo

Admissions & Operations Manager

Eric Poon

Admissions & Administration Officer

Zoe Cho

Admissions & Administration Officer

Christine Ng

Community Development Manager

Jam Yim

Communications Officer

Siu Wah Lui


Lai Fun Tsang


Alex Leung

Senior Accountant

Yuli Yu

Senior Human Resources Officer