Igniting Learning Journeys

As our society evolves, our understanding of how children learn has changed. We also know that some children learn very differently so it is vital to provide differentiated education to help them learn effectively. We are an organisation with strong convictions and ambitious goals:

  • We believe all children can develop their strengths to flourish.
  • We believe every child deserves the fair opportunity and right to learn alongside their peers.
  • We strive to be accessible to families in need in the Hong Kong community.
  • We treasure partnership with families.
  • We are a non-profit organisation that focuses on maximising the benefits to our community.


A Hong Kong where all children have equal rights to education irrespective of their race, language, cultural or socioeconomic background.


  • In our teaching we value evidence based techniques, the latest teaching practices and tailored early intervention for every child.
  • In our professional team we value the breadth of experience of our qualified professionals, their resourcefulness and adaptability.
  • In our leadership we value professionalism, accountability, governance and a strong vision for the future.


To provide quality learning experiences for the individual child and empowering their families.

Our Team

Our Community Partners