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Tim Siu

Social Work Assistant

Bachelor of Social Work, Monash University, Australia

Through his experience of working with families, Tim believes that it is crucial to provide effective early intervention, in order to ensure children’s development and to foster positive family relationships.

Having studied and worked in Australia, Tim finds his passion in helping and providing support to children and their parents. Through working with disadvantaged families, he gained knowledge relating to a variety of family issues, and developed effective intervention skills so crucial in ensuring children’s safety and development as well as in enhancing family relationships.

At the CDC, Tim is delighted to be able to work within a multidisciplinary setting where he can have exposure to a wealth of expertise and practices. He hopes to facilitate more programmes and workshops for preschool-aged children.

Registered Social Worker (HK)

  • Accredited facilitator for:
    • Level 3 Primary Care Triple P
    • Level 2 Selected Triple P