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Julia Sarvikas

Occupational Therapist

Bachelor in Occupational Therapy, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Julia constantly looks for new ways to address the needs of her clients and consistently strives to provide the best evidence-based intervention.

Having lived and practised as an Occupational Therapist in several countries, Julia has an awareness, and is sensitive to cultural differences. Her professional experience has helped to develop her knowledge in the area of sensory processing which she uses daily.

At the CDC, Julia is committed to working with a child’s whole family. She believes that when the therapist, parents and caregivers are all working together, children are able to accomplish their goals faster, and better carry those skills across to both home and school. Julia thinks that the CDC is an inspiring work environment because of its multidisciplinary team and the variety of services it provides.

NBCOT certified Occupational Therapist (U.S.A)