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Ally Leung

Special Educational Needs Teacher

B.Sc., PGDE (Spec. Ed.)

A graduate of the University of Hong Kong, Ally joined the CDC in August 2017 as a Special Educational Needs Teacher.

After completing her post-graduate diploma, Ally joined Family Partners School in Hong Kong, working exclusively with children diagnosed with Autism; each with their own unique interests and styles of learning.

At the Children’s Institute of Hong Kong, she gained valuable ABA-related teaching experience whilst observing, analysing and managing the behaviours of children with special educational needs. Adopting the Institute’s scientifically-based methods, she developed individual learning goals and lesson plans and determined the hierarchy of support required to collect data for assessment. Ally is driven by a desire to see measurable improvement and growth in the children under her care, both in terms of learning and life skills and with regard to their behaviour, emotional development, self-esteem and motivation.

  • B.Sc (Hons) degree and a Post-graduate Diploma in Special Education, The University of Hong Kong