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Ada Chik

Speech and Language Therapist

Master of Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne, Australia
B.A. (English in Education), University of York, U.K.

Having a strong interest in Education and Speech Pathology, Ada is committed to providing quality teaching and therapy to children with speech and language challenges.

At the CDC, Ada enjoys the friendly and supportive environment that allows her to work closely with children’s families, as well as teachers and other health professionals to optimise a child’s potential to develop skills instrumental to their growth.

In the long term, Ada hopes to advocate for early years intervention for children with communication and social difficulties, as well as to establish a strong parent-therapist relationship to facilitate the speech and language skills that are meaningful to each unique child.

  • Member of Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST)
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia
  • The Rehabilitation of Dysphagia with the Biber Protocol
  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention