Top Ten Questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a school for your child:


1. What are my child’s characteristics and learning needs?

Does the school provide an environment that will support your child to develop his/her strengths? Does the school offer extra-curricular activities for your child’s developmental requirements?

2. Does the school curriculum match our goals?

Does the type of curriculum used in the school fit in with future schooling plans? In what areas does the school have a strong focus and is it in line with your own expectations? Is there immersion in a second language, for example?

3. Are the school ethos and culture conducive for my child’s development?

Are students positive, polite and respectful? Do students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds integrate well into the school culture and activities? Does the school provide an integrated approach to education?

4. What is the vision and mission of the School?

What are the beliefs that guide the schools’ programme and teaching approaches?

5. What are the teachers’ attitudes?

Does the school administration provide sufficient professional development in terms of teaching and learning? Are students encouraged to ask questions and learn from their errors?

6. Is parent participation encouraged?

Does the school welcome parents’ participation? How does the school communicate with parents? Does the school have an active Parent Teacher Association?

7. What is the teacher-child ratio?

How many students are assigned to a classroom teacher (i.e.: 1:15 or 2:25 per class)

8. What are the environment and facilities?

Does the school provide sufficient facilities and resources? Does it provide a spacious and well maintained school campus?

9. What are the school fees and charges?

What does the school fees cover and what additional charges apply? (i.e.: school bus, camps, school trips, extra-curricular fees etc.)

10. Does the school provide additional services?

What other additional services does the school provide? For example, is there an on-site nurse, a librarian, or additional support services for learning difficulties?