What is a Visual Schedule?

A visual schedule communicates the sequence of an upcoming task or event through the use of photos, images and/or symbols.

The steps of the task are broken down and are clearly represented through a range of visuals.

It is a great tool to help your child to understand the order of events and what is expected of him/her during that activity!

Why use a visual schedule?

  1. It provides structure to an event
    • The visuals communicate what is going to happen and the order of events to your child
  2. It provides a constant reminder for children about what is expected of them
    • The visuals are always there for your child to look at
  3. It develops a positive routine of behaviour
    • It helps your child to follow a routine easily
  4. It reduces stress during transition periods
    • Having a sequence of events in visuals helps children to anticipate and prepare for what is happening next

Examples of Visual Schedules

The best things about visual schedules are that they are adaptable to many situations. Therefore, there are many types of examples of visual schedules. Here are just a few: