Watch what your children watch.

Discuss with your child which programmes are worthwhile and, as far as possible, allow your child to watch only programmes aimed at their age group.

Four Top Tips

1. Limit the amount of TV your children watch

Set some ground rules with your child on what kind of programmes they can watch and how much time they are allowed to spend in front of the TV each day.

2. Watch TV together when you can

This allows you the opportunity to explain the content of the programmes and help your child with any questions they may have. TV programmes should be springboards that spur curiosity, discussion and learning. For example, you may talk about your favourite part of the programme and what happened.

3. Switch off the TV when the programme finishes

Help your children get in the habit of watching one TV programme, then turning the TV off and doing something else. Involve your child in setting TV rules.

4. Encourage a variety of activities

TV should not replace active play. Children should be encouraged to participate in outdoor activities and do creative things like drawing and and playing games that use their imagination.

TV Use

  • Never have the television on in the background.
  • Do not have the television on during mealtimes.
  • Avoid television and all electronic media for children less than two years of age.
  • Put the television in a room where the child spends the least amount of time.