Having a positive and effective relationship with your child’s teacher will lead to a better understanding of your child’s strengths and needs. This information can lead to better outcomes for your child. Here are some suggestions on how to do this.

Establishing a rapport

  • Introduce yourself, be warm and approachable
  • Appreciate the teachers work and efforts
  • Let your teacher know of any changes in circumstances at home as this may affect your child’s performance at school
  • Be a resource to the school, see below


What you can do for the school

  • Offer to be a school governor
  • Offer to volunteer in the classroom once or more a week to help with activities or read a story, this can be in your child’s class or another class (this will help you get a feel for the school)
  • Offer to volunteer at school events
  • Support school events by attending
  • Donate supplies


Preparing for the parent teacher conference

  • Be on time
  • Take along a notepad and pen
  • Get your questions ready (see below)
  • Be honest
  • Write your questions down
  • Ask anyone in your family or who helps your family if they have any questions
  • Ask your child what they like best or do not like at school
  • Be honest about your child’s abilities and know that children can be very different at home than school
  • Be prepared to hear both positive and negative comments, not every child is an angel one hundred percent of the time
  • If the teacher makes a negative comment about your child, try not to get defensive and ask how to deal with the issue
  • Try not to compare your child to other children


Questions to ask

  • How does my child get on with other children? Do they play with the same children?
  • How does my child manage conflict?
  • How does the teacher manage discipline?
  • How is my child emotionally? E.g. happy, shy, quiet, boisterous
  • Does my child ask questions? Does my child answer questions?
  • What is the daily schedule?
  • What strengths does my child have?
  • What weaknesses does my child have?
  • Does my child complete tasks on time?
  • Is my child organised?
  • Is my child where they should be in regards to literacy and maths?
  • Is my child where they should be in regards to fine motor skills e.g. writing and cutting?
  • Is my child where they should be in regards to gross motor skills e.g. sports
  • Is my child doing their best?
  • Does the teacher have any concerns regarding attention?
  • Does the teacher have any specific concerns about my child?
  • Is there anything that I can do at home to help my child at school? E.g. reading, organisational skills independence, managing behaviour.
  • Does the teacher recommend any outside school support?
  • Ask the best way to follow up with anything or how generally to correspond e.g. in person, email or telephone