Parent-professional meetings are wonderful opportunities to plan together, exchange advice and have constructive input into your child’s developmental/educational experience.  Here are some tips to make the most of such meetings as a parent:

  • Prepare specific questions, based on the latest report, if available, or on your own current concerns.  For the CDC’s in-house assessment feedback meetings, submit the parent feedback form in good time so that the staff can prepare, if needed.
  • Maintain a positive, open, constructive attitude throughout.
  • Clarify professional jargon or abbreviations you are not familiar with.
  • If the meeting felt rushed, ask if another appointment is possible, or, in the case of the CDC, drop in on a Friday morning to “Open Door”.
  • Share your child’s strengths as well as strategies or activities that work well at home.
  • Come with your partner or bring along another relevant person to make sense of all that is being said quickly, to remember information, and to provide emotional support.
  • Take care of yourself after the meeting by giving yourself time to process the information by discussing it with someone or enjoying an activity you like.