Just a few minutes of sensory-rich activities every day can enhance your child’s development. Moving their bodies and interacting with others improves their coordination, balance, self-esteem, attention, language, motor skills, and more. Here are four simple game ideas you can try with your child at home.

Paper ball Toss

  • Use masking tape to mark a designated spot. Place a bucket or a basket about five feet away. Throw the paper balls into the basket. Progressively mark the spot farther away with successful tosses into the basket.


Shaving cream

  • Cover a mirror, or any flat surface, with shaving cream about ½ inch thick. Have your child practise drawing simple strokes (e.g. horizontal, vertical, diagonal and cross). When ready, you can play simple games such as tic-tac-toe with your child, write simple words and draw simple shapes. Use food colouring to colour the shaving cream for added fun.


Hot dog roll

  • Play making a hot dog with your child. Lay a blanket or a large towel on the floor. Then have your child lie on the blanket. Roll the blanket over your child until the blanket is wrapped around them. Firmly, but gently, massage your child’s arms. Pull one end of the blanket so that your child rolls out of it.


Mystery bag

  • Use a large paper bag or a pillowcase. Place different small items such as coins, paper clips, buttons, pencils, etc. Get your child to put his hand inside the paper bag and try to identify the objects without looking inside. Begin with objects familiar to your child and progress to other objects when ready.