Fidget tools are used to help children improve their concentration and attention by providing them additional sensory input such as touch sensation. When provided with the “just right” amount of sensory input, the child will be more alert and their minds will become more organised, leading to a calmer nervous system.

Some fidget tools can be a distraction to the child. If the child is fidgeting, not paying attention and focusing on the fidget tool more, it has become a toy.


What makes an effective fidget tool?

  • Inexpensive
  • Safe to use
  • No distracting noises
  • Small enough to use without distracting others
  • Easy to manipulate


Choosing an effective fidget tool for your child:

  • Ensure it is appropriate for the child’s motor skills
  • Find a tool that the child really likes
  • Provides a calming effect


Set clear boundaries for using the fidget tools.

In order to promote effective learning, it is vital to set rules and boundaries on when, how long and how the fidget tool is used.