Core muscles are the muscles of the abdomen and back and along with the muscles around the shoulders, hips and forearms. They act like a tree trunk in keeping your child’s body upright and stable. These muscles will help your child maintain a good sitting posture at a desk and provide a supportive base for fine-motor activities such as writing.

Helping your child improve the stability of these muscles will have a positive impact on their handwriting. Here are some activity ideas you can try with your child at home.


To improve shoulder stability and upper-arm strength:

  • Wheelbarrow walks – you can make it easier or harder by adjusting to where you provide support at your child’s legs. Holding close to the hips is the easiest and holding at the ankles is the hardest for your child.

To improve trunk stability and upper arm strength:

  • A game of Tug-of-war
  • Push / pull a cart or wagon

To improve shoulder and forearm stability:

  • Carry heavy items with a racquet
  • Wring small towels

To improve forearm and wrist stability:

  • Colour on a vertical surface
  • Fold paper
  • Play frisbee