Nowadays, children spend much of their time engaged with screens – tablets, phones, and computers. This means less time for outdoor play, from which children can benefit so much. Going to the park and playing in the playground may seem basic but here is why it is so important for so many areas of development:


  • Motor skills

Engaging in outdoor play helps develop the child’s motor skills in a natural environment. As they kick balls, climb trees (please check with the park rules), or hang on monkey bars, they are developing their coordination and visual perception. They are also building up their strength and control. All of these are foundation skills necessary for higher-level skills such as writing, cutting and other daily-living activities.


  • Self-Esteem and Confidence

Children are able to see their skills grow as they engage and successfully execute or overcome an obstacle, such as finally being able to climb up the tree or going down the slide by themselves. This builds up their confidence and they will feel a sense of pride after mustering up the courage to try new things that they were once reluctant to do. Being around other children while playing in the park can help develop their social skills. They learn to talk and interact with other children and to be comfortable around other people.


  • Social Skills

Children can also learn basic social skills in the playground. They learn turn-taking as they wait for their turn on the slide or on the swing. Children also learn to compromise and collaborate with others when they try to establish rules to their games.


  • Problem-Solving Skills

Outdoor play can also help develop a child’s problem-solving skills. They learn to solve problems as they try and figure out how to get onto a swing or execute a new activity or game. They learn to manage conflicts and come up with solutions to challenges in the playground.


So embrace the outdoors and explore all that the parks within Hong Kong have to offer!