The CDC treasures opportunities to be connected with the community and we make every effort in empowering schools, equipping teachers and educating parents. We were pleased to participate in the fantastic educational event in town – Hong Kong International Schools Festival, which was organised by the SCMP Education Post on 16 September 2017 at JW Marriott Hotel. Total 65 education organisations took part in the Festival and attracted more than 3,500 visitors.

At the Festival, the CDC was honoured to be one of the few organisations which specialise in supporting children with additional needs. It was a great occasion for us to connect and interact with people in the sector along with the general public, to introduce our individualised education services, not to mention the importance of early intervention.

Through networking with other education practitioners and parents, ideas were exchanged with different people across the educational sector. We introduced our services to these like-minded people during the event. In addition, we introduced our early childhood development screening and training for teaching professionals, to assist in creating a more inclusive learning environment for young children with a wide variety of abilities. Furthermore, free teaching tips and resources produced by the CDC were shared with parents, to inspire them to come up with creative ways of playing with toys and engaging in play with young children. Let’s collaborate together to maximise the benefits for our children in the future and to help them to be successful in their unique learning journeys!

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