On 27th March 2016, CDC’s Chief Executive, Virginia Wilson, spoke about CDC’s belief of ‘Individual education for individual needs’ on the Commercial Radio’s show ‘The Way We Are’. Virginia told the story of CDC; from being an English-only centre to where it is today, a Chinese-English bilingual early education and training centre. Cordelia Au, Head of Community Development of the CDC, explained how CDC’s facilities have made the Centre one of the few organisations in Hong Kong that provides all-round services to facilitate children’s learning and development.

Helen, a former student’s parent, also shared her perspective. She walked the audience through her own heart-felt journey of growth, both in her daughter and her family. Helen’s daughter made huge gains in her development from receiving CDC’s early intervention. At the same time, her family also benefited enormously from CDC’s psychological and family education workshops which paralleled her daughter’s lessons.

You can listen to the programme through the following link: https://event.881903.com/hkjc-charities