The Hong Kong Social Welfare Department (SWD) is vigilant in monitoring the proper use of Government funding in NGOs. We are pleased to announce that the CDC passed with flying colours in the most recent SWD review of our quality standard and service compliance.

As the CDC receives some Government funding through the Social Welfare Department (SWD), we regularly receive review visits to ensure we are in compliance with all their policies and procedures. The review visits focus on the SWD’s expectations in terms of service requirements, service quality and other aspects of performance as stipulated in the funding agreement. We strive to fulfil or exceed all requirements in terms of both our operations and our service provision. All staff members at the CDC are aware of our compliance commitment and do their upmost to support and maintain the quality of the CDC.

At the end of November 2017, the SWD arranged a review visit to look at documents and interview staff members and families. It was great to receive the report in December 2017 stating that the CDC “was assessed to have complied with the Essential Service Requirements (ESRs) of its Funding and Service Agreement and the requirements of the Service Quality Standards (SQSs) selected for assessment”. In addition, the report gave fantastic feedback from the families interviewed saying they appreciated the “caring and positive work attitude” and concluding that “the children also loved to join all the programmes held at the CDC”.

The visit and review confirmed that the CDC has met all SWD requirements without any amendment required. We are proud that our effort in upholding a quality standard in all aspects of our services was well reflected in this review. We vow to continue our good work and do our best for all CDC service users.