Igniting learning journeys one child at a time


Ms Sabrina Ho, Chairman of the Child Development Centre (CDC), shares more on winning the Directors of the Year Awards 2018 in the ‘Statutory/Non-profit-distributing Organisations Categories’ as a first time participant.

“As a first time participant, I am surprised and honoured in receiving the award. I would like to thank all of the Executive Committee, our generous donors, our passionate and professional staff, as well as my family for their overwhelming support. Without them, we would not be enjoying the success we have today,” says Ho.

The centre is one of the few establishments in Hong Kong that uniquely provides support to the widest spectrum of SEN issues in both English and Chinese in Hong Kong, delivering a full range of early intervention programs, assessments and therapies that transform children’s lives.

“Our ultimate goal is to reach out to as many children with SEN as early as possible,” says Ho. “Children before 6 have the mind of a sponge. This is the stage where our help would have the most profound impact. It is extremely common for children with SEN to have their needs neglected until later stages for which it is too late.”

Ms Ho joined the CDC Executive Committee as a parent representative in 2000. She served as the Honorary Treasurer from 2004. Starting from November 2007, she was appointed as the CDC’s Chairman. She expresses that it is the experience of her own child with SEN that has inspired and fueled her to lead the centre to excel, and that complete transparency is the key for financial sustainability. “Every parent wishes the best for their child, and I can relate completely,” says Ho. “My son did not get adequate early intervention initially, but after he received help from the centre for 2 years, he was completely transformed.”

“Not only do we have all our accounts listed on our website, we also work closely with our donors, ensuring that they know exactly how their money is spent which they also have influence over,” continues Ho. “This has allowed us to build trusting, long-lasting relationships with them, steadily working towards helping more and more children achieve their maximum potential.”


* The article was published in The Standard on 30th November 2018.