We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all parents who completed our recent survey. It is important to us to receive feedback and helps us to improve our standards and meet the needs of our families better. Many congratulations to the lucky winners of the book vouchers!

Here are some of the issues raised and our responses and/or action:

Facilities /provision for children with greater physical needs

A comment was made that as a Centre the CDC does not have adequate services/equipment for those children who have greater physical difficulties. The CDC is an EETC (Early Intervention Training Centre) under the Social Welfare Department guidelines. As such we do not have provision or funding for facilities for children with moderate to severe physical disabilities. This greater level of support and provision is provided by SCCCs (Special Child Care Centres). Unfortunately, in Hong Kong there are no English-speaking SCCCs. For this reason, many families choose our service as they do not wish to access support in Cantonese. Within the limitation of our space and funding we do strive to provide as much support as possible for these children, frequently fundraising for additional equipment, although we are also limited by our space. Our second gym is a much-needed and appreciated addition this year and we are excited to soon have delivery of a wide selection of sensory equipment.

Our Space

Some parents expressed a wish that CDC was bigger! As you know, property in Hong Kong is amongst the most expensive in the world. We try to use our space as effectively as possible, while catering to as many children as possible. Due to this philosophy we have had to make some very hard decisions, like giving up playground space to put in an extra classroom, and having a strict no waiting policy because we simply do not have enough space.

We would love to have a larger space and we recognise the need for the right sort of expansion in a location as accessible as possible for our families who come to us from all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. It is something that we strive for and try to address at every opportunity.

Observation of your child

One comment we received was to be able to observe your child’s therapy session more often. Please be assured that parents are always welcome to do so. You, as parents, spend far more time with your child than we can and carryover of techniques and strategies used in therapy to the home setting is strongly encouraged. It sometimes happens that some children may focus less and be more distracted when their parent is there and sometimes this may be a reason for separation but this would be discussed and agreed between the family and the therapist. In addition, our therapists are always happy to feedback verbally after the session ends. Never hesitate to contact us and ask for updates.


A request was made for weekly specific feedback following groups. Although the staff makes efforts to communicate with parents as much as possible the lobby area is not an ideal place with ten children leaving at once and usually more arriving. Our monthly ‘Letter Home’ for parents of children in our Early Intervention Groups, Tigers and Giraffes aims to inform parents about the current themes and activities. We are excited to introduce an app to parents very soon through which we can more easily share such information.

If you ever have a specific question, our staff members are happy to give advice or answer questions at any time via email. In addition, a reminder that Parent Meeting appointments are available on Thursday afternoons during term time – just book on our website via the link found at the bottom of the homepage. Every Friday morning we have an ‘Open Door’ where a senior member of staff is available to help with any advice or concerns you may have e.g. schools, behaviours and so on. If at ‘Open Door’ you would like specific information regarding your child’s progress at the CDC, then please give us notice that you are coming so that we can talk to your child’s teacher and/or therapists in order to get the most information possible.

We are pleased to say that 100% of survey respondents would recommend the CDC to others. Thank you for your positive comments. Among the words used to describe our staff were committed, nurturing, caring, dedicated, effective, trustworthy and informative. They will be happy to hear this feedback.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions, concerns or feedback. We will continue to strive to work as a team with you and your child.