Monthly Classroom News

September 2018

General Info

Welcome to a new school year! This newsletter will be published every month. Help your child to connect their learning at CDC and at home. This is the best way to generalise their learning.

We kicked off our school year with the first integrated learning unit, Me and All About Me. This unit will help children to develop their awareness of themselves and their relationships with those close to them. Topics of our exploration and investigation includes:

  • My senses
  • My body
  • My family
  • This is how I feel
  • Mid-autumn Festival

Key Words

  • Naming different body parts
  • I see, hear, feel
  • Happy, sad, mad, excited

Activities (home/community/stories to share/other resources)

  • Read a story about using our different body parts i.e. From Head to Toe by Eric Carle
  • Look at family photos
  • Play a game of “where do you want the sticker?” and put stickers on different body parts or family members
  • Check out your local mid-autumn festival celebrations

Special Dates