Monthly Classroom News

May 2019

General Info

The weather is warming up and everything is turning green! Previously children have been developing awareness of themselves, moving, growing, and visiting different places.  For this month, children will explore different worlds.

At the CDC we will talk about:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Dragons and Giants
  • Kings, Queens and Castles
  • Pirates and the high seas


At home, you can further explore this theme, by talking about the differences between various dinosaurs; how they are different in sizes, shapes, textures and colour. You can also read some books with your child such as ‘Dinosaur Roar’, ‘The Dinosaur is so Big’, ‘Pirate Pete’ and ‘That’s Not My Pirate’.

Key Words

  • Big
  • Small
  • Stomp
  • Huge
  • Smooth
  • Rough
  • Castle
  • Spiky
  • Scaly
  • Sky
  • Fly
  • Walk
  • Treasure
  • Knights
  • Ship
  • Fierce
  • Strong

PATHS Update

Being able to label their feelings can help children to regulate their emotions.  In the last few months we have explored some ‘comfortable’ and ‘uncomfortable’ feeling words, including ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘mad/angry’ and ‘calm’.  At home, you can label both your own emotions and how you think your child is feeling. Some of the children have learnt that they can also ‘Do turtle’ when they get too excited.  You can remind your child that to ‘Do turtle’ is useful not only to calm themselves when having ‘uncomfortable’ feelings, but also anytime when their emotions become overwhelming. This month, the children will continue to explore other feelings such as ‘excited’, ‘tired’ and ‘proud’, through stories and play.  When reading with your child, make sure that as well as talking about the story, you also talk about how the characters may be feeling.