Monthly Classroom News

January 2019

General Info

Over the last term, students learnt more about themselves and their movement. For this month, they will develop awareness of their own growth and that of plants and animals as well as things that do not grow or have stopped growing. It would be great if you could have visits to the park and show your child plants and trees growing outdoors!

Key Words

  • grow
  • plant
  • leaf (leaves)
  • flower
  • tree
  • water
  • light
  • sun
  • soil
  • seed

PATHS Update

Throughout the last learning unit, the children learnt about strategies to self-regulate when they are upset or experience uncomfortable feelings. They can do the turtle! The steps are:

  1. Stop
  2. Breathe
  3. Say how you feel and what the problems are

Children may find it challenging to use the skill when they are already upset. Parents can help practise at home.

It will be Chinese New Year soon! It is a great chance for children to practise greetings and complimenting others when visiting relatives! The CDC wishes everyone a very happy Chinese new year!