Monthly Classroom News

May 2022

General Info

In May, our theme is ‘Place to go and see!’. We will talk about places and things children can see around them in everyday life. We will focus on the community, taking a look at the supermarket, hospital, police station and fire station, and introducing community helpers! This is also a good chance to teach children to ask for help when they need it.


Activities to do at home:

  • ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’
    A good way to introduce road safety in a fun way. To begin with, you have to make a ‘stop’ and ‘go’ sign by writing ‘Stop’ on a red circle and ‘Go’ on a green circle, then cut the two circles out. When the game starts, get your child to stand still as if they are crossing the road. Ask them to walk when they see a ‘Go’ sign and stop when they see the ‘Stop’ sign. You can take turns with your child to pretend to be the police officer to control the ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ signs to make it more fun.
  • Pretend play – Pretend to be Doctor, Nurse and Patient
    Prepare a few props and dress-up clothes will help you enhance your pretend play (e.g., white lab coats or white dress shirts, stethoscopes, syringes, thermometers, medicine etc.). You can take turns with your child or siblings to pretend to be the doctor, nurse or patient. Besides, it is a good opportunity for you to discuss about different feelings (e.g., how do you feel when you are being unwell?) and allow your child to express themselves (using visual pictures to support your child to express their emotions would be helpful)

  • Peeling and sticking plasters
    First, draw a person on a large piece of paper and draw the injury on different parts of the body (you can use red to represent the injury part), then, ask your child to place the plasters/band aids on the injured parts. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to discuss different body parts (e.g., eyes, ears, mouth, nose, head, hands, feet etc.). To level up, you may also discuss the function of the body parts (e.g., eyes for seeing, ears for listening, mouth for eating etc.).
  • Pretend play – Pretend to be Fire Fighter: ‘Put out the fire!’
    Make ‘fire’ by mixing red paint with shaving foam in the bathtub/ sink, then ask children to put out the ‘fire’ by spraying water from a spray /squeeze bottle.
  • Pretend play – Pretend to be Police and Robbers: ‘Run-and-chase!’
    You can take turns with your child to pretend to be the police officer or the robber. In different scenarios, police may pretend to find and chase the robber around the house, or the robber may pretend to hide things (e.g., doll, small figurine or stuffed toy) around the house and the police have to look for these items.

Here are some great books with the theme of the Community. Look out for:

  • ‘Maisy Goes to Hospital’ by Lucy Cousins
  • ‘Busy Fire Station’ by Campbell Books
  • ‘Busy Police Station’ by Mandy Archer (Ladybird books)
  • ‘Peppa Pig Goes to Hospital’ by Howard Hughes


  • Supermarket
  • Cart
  • Cashier
  • Purse
  • Money
  • Police
  • Police car
  • Police Station
  • Hospital
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Ambulance
  • Hurt
  • Sick
  • Fire
  • Fire Station
  • Fire truck
  • Spray
  • Help