Monthly Classroom News

November 2018

General Info

Autumn is here and we are ready to move around! The children will be learning about how animals move around us. Activities which children will engage in our classrooms include:

  • Imitating different animal walks (i.e. penguin waddle, bunny hop)
  • Learning about pets, farm animals, and jungle animals
  • Exploring our similarities and differences with animals
  • Learning characteristics of animals
  • Sharing our feelings and emotions about different animals

Key Words

  • Various feeling words towards different encountering animals e.g. curious, scared, joy, relaxed, calm, anxious
  • Different ways animals move e.g. crawl, hop, waddle

Activities (home/community/stories to share/other resources)

  • Visit a local pet shop or local farm i.e. Kadoorie Farm
  • Meet up with friends who has pets
  • Share photos and experiences with families and friends
  • Read a story about caring for pets i.e. Tails are not for pulling

Special Dates

  • November 4 – Family Fun Sports Day
  • November 13 –  No School (CPD day)