Monthly Classroom News

November 2021

General Info

We are pleased to share our classroom news for this month to keep parents up-to-date with the themes covered in our groups at the CDC.

For November, our theme is ‘It’s moving’. We will explore different types of transport with the children. We will look at the public transport we use in  everyday life, such as trams, buses, ferries and the MTR. Children will have opportunities to consider what is their favourite transport and  how they ‘move’! They will also learn about the concepts of fast and slow, far and near.


Activities to do at home:

  • Gather photos or pictures of various types of transport, and talk about the similarities and differences. For example, “does it drive on road or tracks, does it float or fly?
  • Fold a paper boat with your child, and put it in a water basin. You may add some bath toys and talk about floating and sinking too!
  • Play the classic game of “Red light, green light”. You can try the ‘non-running’ version of the game too, e.g. when you are in a restaurant or anywhere you need to wait, you can talk to your child: “It’s Red light, let’s freeze!”, to help your child wait in a fun way. 
  • Categorise transport toys or pictures  into  road,  sea and air.
  • Pretend-play that you are travelling using  seats, cushions and other props at home to make a vehicle and take turns to be the driver and passengers.


There are some great books with the theme of plants and summer. Look out for:

  • ‘Bus! Stop!’ by James Yang
  • ‘Who Sank the Boat?’ by Pamela Allen
  • ‘Maisy Goes by Plane’ by Lucy Cousins
  • ‘Freight Train’ by Donald Crews
  • ‘Go, Go, Pirate Boat’ by Katrina Charman


  • Fast/Slow
  • High/low
  • Front/behind
  • Up/Down
  • Near/Far
  • Road
  • Sky
  • Sea
  • Track
  • Driver
  • Transport
  • Fly
  • Drive
  • Sail
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Scared