Our trip to Kadoorie Farm was held successfully in perfect weather on 22nd October 2017. This year we had the pleasure of working with the volunteers from Goldman Sachs who enjoyed a wonderful day at the farm supporting 15 CDC families.

This fun-filled trip gave an opportunity for our children to learn outside the classroom which stimulated their curiosity for nature. Walking along the trail, our children excitedly explored a variety of animals and plants which many of them had not seen before.

Other than sight-seeing, we participated in art and crafts activities that sparked everyone’s creativity. With the help of the volunteers, some children gathered leaves and stones around them and made a collage while others handmade a pair of binoculars out of recycled materials.

The day ended with an interesting scavenger hunt game. The game was a great activity in strengthening the bond between parents and children as they worked together to find the objects in order to win. The whole trip was full of laughter and it gave everyone a precious memory.