On 14th October 2018, we held a trip to the Holiday Farm. It was great to spend a fun-filled yet meaningful, day with 12 CDC families!

On the farm, children got to explore nature and learn outside of the classroom. They learnt to take on new challenges (swinging on a rope), interacted with the animals (rabbits and big turtles!), and learnt about how plants are grown.

Meeting real animals enabled the children to learn how to interact with them appropriately and safely. The children had a lot of fun with the animals and were excited to be able to feed them.

Children were also shown how plants grow. They got to plant seeds and plough the soil. For most of our children, it was their first farming experience.

Besides getting in touch with nature, there was also a wood-art and a bread-making workshop to bring out the children’s creative side!

We were grateful for the wonderful learning opportunity and the fabulous weather! We all look forward to the next CDC outing!