The CDC was pleased to participate in the Kindergartens Festival 2019, which was organised by the SCMP Education Post on 18 May at JW Marriott Hotel. Over 40 education organisations took part in the event.

At the festival, our Chief Executive – Dr. Yvonne Becher, and our Assistant Director of Programme Development and Learning – Julie Giles shared knowledge and teaching tips with interested parents about children who may have special educational needs. We took this opportunity to highlight the importance of early intervention and introduce our individualised education and intervention services to attendees of the festival.

Being one of the few organisations specialising in early intervention and special educational support at the event, the CDC also valued connecting and interacting with others in the sector. Through networking with other practitioners, inspirational ideas were exchanged. Furthermore, we introduced our early childhood development screener and assessment services aimed at identifying children with a wide variety of abilities within the community in order to provide intervention where needed.

The CDC treasures opportunities to connect with the community and we make every effort to empower schools, equip teachers and educate parents. Let’s collaborate together to maximise the benefits for our children in the future and to help them to be successful in their unique learning journeys!