Jasleen and her family had experienced a tough time since Jasleen was born with additional needs. Stumbling on the learning path, they found the CDC where Jasleen’s learning needs were fulfilled and the family was supported. Now, Jasleen flourishes as a bright and energised young girl who enjoys singing and dancing!

Jasleen, a CDC ex-student, is a cheerful girl who loves singing and dancing. As a child, she faced a lot of difficulties even before she was born. Avi, the mother of Jasleen, recalls the memories during her pregnancy, “Jasleen was diagnosed with special needs in the first scan. My heart broke when I learnt the news, but we still wanted to keep the baby. After she was born, problems were coming one by one, and she immediately received surgery after birth.”

In early childhood, Jasleen experienced speech and physical difficulties which involved complicated treatments. She could barely talk and was always lying down. Before Avi and the family could address a problem, more would arise. “We went through a really difficult time,” Avi said.

In 2008, Jasleen joined the CDC through referral by the Social Welfare Department when she was 6 months old. Before joining the group programme, she started physiotherapy first. Avi remembers the time when her precious daughter was making huge progress, “after 6 years, she improved a lot, particularly in her social skills. When she graduated from the CDC, she entered a new school and she didn’t cry in the new environment!”

“I would like to thank the CDC. This is the place where my daughter started talking and walking. I still remember the moment when she held the table and took a few steps in the CDC. That was so emotional for me. I was so happy to see her improvement and would like to thank all the staff who taught and helped Jasleen over these years.”