It’s nearly Christmas Day, let’s take a glimpse at what the CDC prepared for our children!

Due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic this December 2020, our staff were not able to celebrate the holiday season with the children and their families in the usual way.

Each year we hold our whole-centre Winter Celebration but this was not to be. Instead, our teachers and therapists decided to send the children their warmest wishes by posting them a small surprise package. They wrote cards and packaged a few fun items for our children to practise their skills whilst having fun and spending time with their families.

For the Christmas craft, the children had to wind yarn around a template of a snowman or Christmas tree. This is good for practising coordinating both sides of the body – stabilising and holding the card with one hand while winding the yarn around it with the other. This activity promotes the flexibility of their joints and strengthens the wrist muscles. There were colourful pom-pom balls and stickers to then use to decorate the tree.

Stickers allow children to use their fine-motor skills. To peel them from the sheet, they need to use a precise pincer grasp using the very tips of their fingers.

As well as the crafts, we also included some Christmas-themed children’s masks! They were medical grade so great for helping to keep the children safe as well as looking festive and fun!

We hope our parents and children enjoyed the holiday parcel that we prepared for them.  We hope to see everyone in person very soon in 2021.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!