The Child Development Centre (CDC) is delighted to receive a generous donation from FWD Hong Kong to develop Hong Kong’s first-ever Digital Interactive Platform for Children’s Learning Progress. The Platform allows both therapists and parents to fully understand the children’s learning progress at the CDC and at home.

“Time is the most critical challenge in our treatment of children with individual needs. Our professional team is always in a race against time to seize the golden time window for appropriate treatment and training. Since the amount of time children spend at our centre is limited, home training takes on critical importance.” emphasises Virginia (Chief Executive of the CDC).

With The Digital Interactive Platform in place, our aim is that both the parents and our team can easily keep track of, and learn, how to effectively interact with the child who has individual needs. The app will be developed in both English and traditional Chinese. The Platform is targeted to be tested at the end of this year and put into service early next year. It is expected to benefit over 350 children with individual needs per year. We are very grateful to FWD for the generous HK$200,000 donation, which will help the CDC turn this long-conceived idea of a digital platform into reality.