It is commonly known that children learn best through play. In our Little Talkers group, we make our speech and language activities as fun as possible through presenting them in different ways such as games, songs, arts and crafts, books, videos, interactive activities on the Smartboard as well as social and competitive group games.

Run by a Speech and Language Therapist, Our Little Talkers group is aimed at children who are just starting to put words together in short sentences.

Each week a different theme is introduced to allow children to learn vocabulary that is meaningful to them and to allow them to practise using language in a natural and realistic context with a number of different conversational partners. The children learn to listen to their peers as well as the adults in the group. The individual needs of each child are also considered during the planning of the group’s activities.

Children are motivated by, and can learn a lot from, their peers. Learning in a group allows children to practise social aspects of communication such as taking turns in conversation, using eye contact appropriately, understanding and using facial expressions as well as asking and answering questions.

Each week the class buddy, Bessie the cow, takes turns to go home with the children and have some fun. Mum and Dad help record events in the diary. The children then come back the following week and share the fun they have had with Bessie with their friends in the group!