Nora, a CDC ex-student, is featured in the new book of the “Not Just a Princess” series! All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the CDC.


Not Just a Princess is a worldwide children’s book series created by Mr. Gavin Leonard for his precious daughter, Jade, aiming to empower young girls and promote a more inclusive society. The brand new title – “Jade’s Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure” was just released in October 2019, and all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the CDC. The new character in this latest story, Nora, is inspired by a CDC ex-student!

Gavin said, “I’m so pleased to feature ‘Nora’, a Special Olympics athlete, in this book alongside Princess Jade. The character is based on my second cousin, Nora. Our families have been close for a long time and watching Nora grow up I have always been so amazed at her determination and her kind heart.” Gavin is hoping that the new book can raise funds for charity while raising awareness for both The Child Development Centre and Down Syndrome Ireland.

Dr. Yvonne Becher, CDC’s Chief Executive, expressed her gratitude for the book project, “the latest edition to the children’s adventure series ‘Not Just a Princess’ has come all the way from Ireland to Hong Kong! What is so exciting to the CDC is that this character is based on real-life Nora, a nine-year old CDC ex-student! We are very proud that Nora has become part of the book’s powerful message of building an inclusive society.”

Powerful Message

Nora’s father, Mr. Brian Murray thanks the CDC for supporting his daughter, “the CDC was one of the first places where Nora attended school in Hong Kong. Her teachers were inspiring, her classmates were encouraging, and the whole experience provided Nora with a strong foundation for moving forward in her development, both in Hong Kong and now in the United States.”

Mr. Gary Owens, CEO of Down Syndrome Ireland, pointed out, “Down Syndrome should not define who a person is and what they can do and achieve and the ‘Not Just a Princess’ book really reflects that.”

We recommend anyone who wishes to raise awareness of and contribute more to children with special needs and the community buy a copy of the new ‘Not Just a Princess’! For purchase, please click the link here:

(All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the CDC.)