From this summer onwards, the CDC’s programmes will run throughout July with our term finishing on 29 July 2020. There will be NO separate summer programme this year. Please note that further adaptations to the current service delivery may continue in response to the evolving situation related to COVID-19.

Please note that we plan to start the new school year on August 15 with an orientation, with resumption of services on August 17. We will inform returning families regarding the 2020/21 school year’s policy and schedule in due course. It is expected that we will return to the 2019/20 regular schedule for all groups and therapies into the new school year. However, should any changes be made, parents will be informed individually.

In addition, the Social Welfare Department recently advised we can run groups of no more than three children. Currently we are running a few small groups of three (for children approaching P1 age) for families that have signed up for them and otherwise all sessions are one-to-one. As we are still mindful of social distancing, we are now operating with a maximum of 8 children in the Centre at any one time.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 2849 6138 or email to

Thank you for your kind attention.