Darren was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay just before his second birthday. Within two months, he joined the CDC and received intensive support. This is the story of the memorable journey Darren and his parents had at the CDC.


Darren’s mother, Angela, recalled how lucky they were when they found the CDC after her son was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, “we were looking around for English speaking support, and we were very lucky because we placed Darren to a special needs class with CDC nursery within two months. He got a lot more support here.”

Through individual occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy, Darren made steady progress in the three years that he stayed with the CDC. His parents also realised the specific needs of their son, “being in a special school really educated us of what needs are required for each child.”

Angela expressed her gratitude for the support from the CDC, “thank you CDC! It has been wonderful to actually have us found you.”


Lifelong buddies

After Darren graduated from the CDC, he went to another pre-school before taking the leap into an international primary school. The now 11-year-old energetic boy likes playing all kinds of ball games, such as football, tennis and bowling, in his leisure time. The subject he enjoys the most is science.

Angela described how the relationships they built at the CDC are valuable till now, “the group of friends that Darren has made are now his buddies. And I have found a group of wonderful friends too. They are mothers of special needs children and they give their families tremendous support.”

For Darren and his family, the CDC remains a memorable experience and learning journey!