We are delighted to announce that 17 of our CDC partners were awarded the status of ‘Caring Company’ or ‘Caring Organisation’ at the Caring Company Scheme 2019/20!

The Child Development Centre (CDC) nominated 17 corporations and organisations at the Caring Company Scheme 2019/20, and all of the nominated partners were awarded the status of ‘Caring Company’ or ‘Caring Organisation’!

Apart from passing on our congratulations, we would like to express our hearty appreciation and thank them for joining hands with us to support children with additional needs. A big round of applause for their generous and long-term support!

The 17 companies/organisations receiving the award are as follows:


Since 2008, the CDC has been nominating various international and local corporations as recipients of the Caring Company Scheme as part of our community outreach efforts to promote the social responsibilities of corporations.

We look forward to working with more partners in the coming year to promote corporate social responsibility. If you are interested in supporting the CDC, please visit: Be Our Partner