The CDC held a Winter Celebration party with 31 families coming to enjoy the festive season together!

On the 18th December, the CDC held a ‘Winter Celebration’ party, with 31 CDC families coming to enjoy the festive season together. We are extremely grateful to William E. Connor & Associates Limited for sponsoring the party.

During the afternoon, the children participated in various fun activities run by our staff and volunteers from the sponsor. The activities provided learning experiences along with plenty of enjoyment.

In the “Christmas Whack-a-Mole” and “Ready, Steady, Catch” activities, the children practised their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills whilst enjoying the fun and games. Further excitement was found inside the bouncy castle! In the somewhat calmer arts and crafts activities, the children enjoyed applying temporary tattoos and face-paint along with making their own unique gingerbread men.

The magic show was one of the highlights of the party, capturing the attention of both children and parents. To wrap-up the day, Santa Claus was waiting to have photos taken and give out presents. 

The afternoon was full of fun and laughter, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for the children and their parents during the festive season.