Hong Kong is a competitive, fast-paced city which consistently demonstrates the “more demand than supply” idea. Unfortunately, this also applies for the race to SEN schools – where there is an increasing demand for SEN services for children of all ages and abilities, but only a handful of options.

When starting the search for schools for your child, consider the following:

  • Can my child follow school routines and changes in routine?
  • How does my child interact with his/her peers?
  • How is my child’s language and communication?
  • How much additional support does my child need?
  • How are my child’s self-help skills?


There is only one English-speaking special school in Hong Kong whilst there are also other schools and programmes that support children with SEN: These programmes support children with moderate to high needs. Often these programmes will offer a higher student: teacher ratio and more individualised learning. Please note, the CDC is not affiliated with any of these schools but can offer support and guidance in the application process (which can be stressful, at times!):


Of course, there are also mainstream schools that are accept children who have mild to moderate needs. These schools will have the usual mainstream teacher: student ratio. Additional support may be provided in the form of and pull out/push in the classroom; one-to-one shadow teachers or smaller learning support classrooms. It should be noted that in many of these schools there are charges on top of the usual school fees to provide the extra support necessary.

Some of these schools are listed below. For more details, go to their websites. A visit is essential in order for you to find the right fit.

If you have further questions or require further guidance regarding English-speaking SEN schools and services then do not hesitate to contact us at the CDC. Good luck in finding the school that fits your child.