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In order to make a donation, please choose one of the following: 請選擇閣下的捐款途徑:

  1. Cheque Donation 支票捐款
    Make a cheque payable to “The Child Development Centre” and write the donation details e.g. donor's name/contact method/cause of donation etc. on the back of the cheque. Send the cheque to 4/F, Prime Mansion, 183-187 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
    請以「明德兒童啓育中心」作為劃線支票抬頭,並於支票背面寫上捐款資料,如捐款人姓 名 / 聯絡方法 / 捐款緣由等。請親身遞交或郵寄支票到明德兒童啓育中心(地址:香港灣仔莊士敦道183-187號德業大廈4樓)。
  2. Direct Deposit or Online Transfer to The Child Development Centre 銀行轉賬
    Bank account 銀行戶口號碼: HSBC 匯豐銀行502-428634-001
    Please email the bank transfer receipt to for us to match with your information given above and email the tax receipt to you.
  3. PayMe
    You can simply scan the QR code or click here with your mobile phone to donate directly to our bank account. After donating, please email the transaction record to
    以PayMe流動應用程式捐款。閣下可用手機掃描以下QR code或直接按 捐款至本中心銀行戶口,然後將轉帳紀錄電郵至
  4. Fast Payment System (FPS) 轉數快
    Donate by FPS with our Proxy ID: 165422429 after logging into your online banking account.  Please put the details, e.g., donor's name/contact method/cause of donation etc., in the "Message to recipient" column. Send us the screenshot of the transaction record to
    請登入閣下之網上銀行戶口並揀選轉數快服務,輸入收款人識別代號「165422429」後便可進行捐款。請在「給收款人的訊息」一欄寫上捐款資料,捐款人姓名 / 聯絡方法 / 捐款緣由,然後將轉帳紀錄電郵至

If you would like to know more about donation procedures by PayMe please click here.

To obtain a donation receipt, please contact us by email


Donation Total: $1,000

Donations over HKD100 are tax-deductible. We will send you an official receipt for your record. (Hong Kong tax payers only)