Daddy Daughter Ball FAQ

Want to know more about the Daddy Daughter Ball? Read the FAQ below! More questions? Please contact Christine Ng

What is the Daddy Daughter Ball?

The Daddy Daughter Ball is designed specifically for fathers and their daughters. Not only is this Ball designed to foster positive relationships between fathers and their daughters, but also to build up important family values, create lasting memories for you and your family while supporting The Child Development Centre (“CDC”).

How old does the daughter have to be to attend the event?

Typically aged over 3 with the majority of girls aged 6 to 10.

What are the times of the Ball?

Reception and activities will begin at 5pm. Dinner will start at 6pm and end at around 8:30pm.

Do I need a reservation?


How do I make a reservation?

We are ready to accept sponsorship while table reservation will soon. For details, please contact Christine Ng at

How many tables do you sell?


What are the table categories?

There are 3 table categories, namely VIP table, Premium table and Regular table.

Are individual tickets available for this event?

To ensure daddies and daughters both have a wonderful time, we encourage guests to form their own table with their friends. Individual tickets are not available for this event. Get your table fast before it is sold out!

Are reservations refundable?

All reservations received are non-refundable; however, they are transferable to another party.

Do you accept sponsorship or in-kind donation for this Ball?

Yes. We begin to take in sponsorship from early November 2017. Any monetary or in-kind support e.g. charity auction items, table prizes from families and corporations are most welcome!

What should I wear?

It’s a formal ball so Black Tie for dads and formal dresses for girls.

Are Mums allowed to observe this event?

This event is for dads and their daughters. Mums can always enjoy a quiet evening at home or have a night out with friends!

This is our first time to attend. Will there be someone to answer questions we might have on the night?

Each table will have a designated Table Ambassador who will ensure a wonderful evening for all our daddies and daughters. 

What is your menu? My daughter has a nut allergy, will you be able to accommodate?

We have a preset 3-course menu for all the participants. If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform your table host as soon as possible or please contact Ms Christine Ng at and we will do our best to accommodate you.