Daddy Daughter Ball

Daddy Daughter Date 14th Aug 2021 –

An Extraordinary Event in Unprecedented Times

COVID-19 has impacted society for 18 months already. The Child Development Centre (“CDC”) had no choice but to cancel the  much anticipated Daddy Daughter Ball in 2020. This year, the CDC has adopted a new format as we adjust to the new normal and learn to operate with various social restrictions in place.

The Daddy Daughter Ball is the CDC’s primary annual fundraising event. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the CDC’s services to the community are sustained and uninterrupted.

In light of the current social restrictions and the need to ensure that all participants’ safety comes first, the CDC will instead be hosting a smaller, slightly more casual event, entitled the “Daddy Daughter Date”. The event will continue to celebrate father-daughter love, build lasting memories, and at the same time raise funds to support the services provided by the CDC.

Notwithstanding a slightly different format, the Daddy Daughter Date promises to be a special and memorable night out for all fathers and daughters.

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Every little helps make a difference. We appreciate donations or in-kind support from families and corporations. Your contribution will help make a difference to the CDC’s events and ultimately, to the lives of the beneficiaries.

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