There are many ways to support the children and families who need your help. Here are some of the options of how you can help children with additional needs to have a brighter future.

Corporate & Foundation Partners

The CDC’s corporate and foundation partners are crucial to building a sustainable programme at the CDC. Our flexible approach to partnerships ensures that your involvement with us is tailored to meet not only our goals, but yours as well. When your organisation partners with the CDC, you become part of a group of like-minded people working to create immediate and lasting change in the lives of children.

Match Your Gift

Want to make your gift count more than once? See if your company sponsors a matching gift programme. Many companies have programmes by which they will ‘match’ the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, your employer can enhance your gift to the CDC, making it go even further.

Celebrate & Donate

Why not celebrate your big day and support the CDC at the same time? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or wedding, you can choose to donate to the CDC in lieu of gifts, or even ask for donations on the day.  Send your invitations through TwoPresents and let your guests know that you have chosen to share your party with the CDC. Instead of bringing a present, guests can donate online. After the party, TwoPresents splits the funds where one portion goes to you to buy your dream gift, the rest goes to the CDC to benefit our children.

Organise Your Own Activity

Getting together with friends, family and neighbours or taking on a personal challenge is a great way to support the CDC and it feels great too. Organise your own event; from holding a concert, to washing cars, a tea party – the options are limitless. If you have an event in mind and would like to discuss it further please contact us. We want to work with you.

Planned Giving

The CDC has been the recipient of generous gifts from individual wills, trusts and life insurance policies. You are in control of your gift and decide where and what you want it to go towards. You may choose to designate the funds towards the financial assistance scheme, or allow the funds to be allocated to the priorities of the CDC as and when needed. Our generous donors showed their deep commitment to helping each and every child, irrespective of background or ability, to receive the best possible start in life through CDC’s early intervention programmes.

In Kind Donations

You can support our work by donating various materials or services:

  • Free use of a venue for the CDC’s events and exhibitions
  • Free advertising space – magazine, publications, website or outdoor advertising spaces
  • Professional Services from leadership coaching to marketing advice
We welcome ideas and suggestions on how you would like to support the CDC. Contact us!
Community Development Team
Phone: 2849 6138

Our Community Partners