We have had a busy start to the term and it has been so much fun! We have learnt about ourselves, our community and now we are learning about transportation.

In the theme ‘All about me and my community’ we got to look at ourselves in the mirror and discover different parts of our body. We also learnt about different people who help us such as doctors, police officers and firefighters. Activities in the Tigers Group included making paper plates of our faces, painting with different parts of our body and making traffic wardens out of a wooden spoon!

For the current theme ‘Transportation’, we have been listening to songs such as ’Row row row your boat‘, ’The wheels on the bus‘, ’Five little men in a flying aeroplane’ and a great song by Patty Shukla, ’Vroom goes the Red Race Car‘. Our activities have included experiencing different types of transport – including our very own car and bicycle here at the CDC! We also have been making our own cars, boats and buses in various sizes and playing with them in many different ways such as in foam, sand, water, and rice.

Looking forward to our next theme, ’Colour, shape and size’ that starts in November when we once again have lots of fun learning through play!