Transitioning into primary school is a milestone for a child. A suitable primary school provides an environment for the child to thrive psychologically, emotionally, socially and academically. With so many school options, application processes and deadlines, choosing a primary school can be overwhelming and stressful for parents . In view of this, we organised a series of Primary school admissions talks to help parents through this process. Following on from the well-received ‘International Primary School Admissions Talk’ in late August, the ‘Local Primary 1 Admission Talk’ was held on 3 September, to help parents tackle and iron out their concerns.

The talk was led by the centre’s lead teacher, Evita Kam, Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher, Jessica Chan, and the centre’s social worker, Carrie Soo. The talk focused on the local Hong Kong education system, the application process, with top advice on how to choose the right school and practical tips to help children transition to primary school.

The talk was applauded by engaged and enthusiastic parents. Their active participation and useful questions were the best rewards to our speakers! We hope the talk has helped resolve parents worries and concerns, and further, enabled them to make the right decision for their child!