Previously, we took in a student intern, Naina, who studied at The English Schools Foundation (ESF) through their Career Development Service Programme. This programme aims at offering working experience to students from the learning support class by immersing them in a real life environment. Through the programme, the students are empowered to increase their level of self confidence, as well as their communication and independence skills. We hope that they will gain recognition and hence integrate into the society thoroughly. Let’s see what Naina said about her experience in CDC:

My name is Naina, I am 18 years old and am studying at SIS. For my work experience placement I am working at The Child Development Centre in Wan Chai. I help in the office and with clerical duties, I shred and recycle used paper, help with filing and organising stationery. I also help with shopping for ingredients for baking activities, I go to the local supermarket. I really enjoy my placement, I have learned a lot and it is fun.