Private Placement

Children who are not referred through the Social Welfare Department may apply for our programmes by completing an application form and paying the application fee. Places are allocated when available on a first-come-first-served basis where placement is appropriate. Please feel free to call our Programme Officer for further details or advice what programme may suit your child best.

Social Welfare Department (SWD) Central Referral System (CRS Rehab-PS)

Children with special needs are referred to the CDC by the SWD. Intake procedures as follows:

  • The CDC informs CRS Rehab-PS of an available place.
  • CRSPS supplies the CDC with the name and age of the next child on the waitlist.
  • The original referrer contacts the family to gain permission to submit the assessment documents to CRSPS. These are forwarded to the CDC.
  • The CDC contacts the prospective parents or guardian with information regarding the CDC and the programmes available. A visit may be arranged if requested.
  • The parent or guardian verbally accepts the place offer and completes all necessary CDC documents.
  • An offer letter is sent stating the start date/time of entry to the programme and the refundable deposit/fees due.
  • The client returns the completed confirmation to the CDC.
  • Following entry of the child to the programme, the CDC informs CRS Rehab-PS.
  • If a child is already admitted to the CDC and fails to attend for more than one month, they may be discharged and the case closed. This will only occur after all possible means of communication have been explored and there is no response from the family. The case will only be closed following communication with the CRS Rehab-PS.
  • During intake, if all possible means of communication have been explored and there is no response from the family after six weeks, the case may be closed following communication with the CRS Rehab-PS. A contact record will be kept in the child’s file.

Students are required to leave the SWD subvented programmes on or before 31st August of the year your child has turned six.

Referrals from CRS Rehab-PS are placed in the order that names are received. For priority placement, parents must apply to CRS Rehab-PS and satisfy the priority criteria. CRS Rehab-PS will then award the case priority status, if applicable.

  • An appropriate assessment will be arranged for the child as soon as possible after place offer.
  • The English language services are aimed at children who are unable to benefit fully from services in the Cantonese-speaking sector.
  • Children already attending the CDC are given priority, if appropriate, when transferring to another programme within the CDC’s services.