Our Team


Virginia Wilson

Chief Executive

Virginia has been the Chief Executive at the CDC since 2005 but her involvement with the centre started long before that.

Louise Thomas

Head of Teaching and Learning

Passionate about teaching and children with special needs, Louise has a long tenure at the CDC and has contributed to the amazing growth of the organisation.

Julie Giles

Head of Therapy

Having worked as a Speech and Language Therapist at the CDC since 1999, Julie now heads the therapy department with her extensive skills and experience in working with young children and families.

Rohnii Tse

Head of Strategic Growth | Speech and Language Therapist

With professional training from Australia and the UK, plus multi-national corporate experience, Rohnii works in both the service and the development areas of the CDC.

Dr. Yvonne Becher

Head of Psychological Services

A dedicated and experienced psychologist, Yvonne has provided consultancy for UNICEF-led projects and partners with The University of Hong Kong on word regarding early childhood development.

Isabel Li

Educational Psychologist

Isabel has solid experience in working with children. Upon receiving her psychology undergraduate degree in the U.S., Isabel further pursued professional training in Educational Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy in Hong Kong.

Dr. Maureen Kong

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

With training and work experience from both Hong Kong and Australia, Maureen values the CDC’s multi-cultural environment.

Ann Bridgewater

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ann is a long-term CDC member with deep content knowledge in occupational therapy and its use with young children.

Louise Kirkman

Head of Operations & Finance

A long-standing CDC staff member since 1999, Louise has experience working both inside and outside of the classroom setting in the CDC.

Cordelia Au

Head of Community Engagement

Cordelia is experienced in the fundraising and development field, having worked in a variety of local and international NGOs.

Yvonne So

ABA Programme Development Leader | Programme Coordinator

Yvonne is one of the few specialists in Hong Kong who has been awarded the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst status.

Vallabhi Khurana

Behaviour Therapist

Vallabhi’s passion for working with children of different levels of abilities and needs has driven her to join the CDC to become a Behaviour Therapist following her professional experience and exposure in developmental psychology in London and India.

Jessica Chan

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Educated in Hong Kong and the UK and with experience in SEN teaching and research, Jessica is determined use her skills to bring out every child’s true potential.

Joan Ng

Special Educational Needs Teacher

A long-term CDC teacher, Joan has a firm belief we must allow each child to learn in their own way.

Olivia Lee

Early Years Teacher

Olivia is an experienced and passionate teacher who treasures every child’s uniqueness and is dedicated in inspiring child’s learning.

Thomas Ho

Lead Occupational Therapist

Trained in Canada where he practised for over 15 years, Thomas added to the CDC team his extensive experience in delivering occupational therapy.

Natalie Craig

Occupational Therapist

With a desire to help children to lead a full life and function independently, Natalie joined CDC as soon as she moved to Hong Kong from the UK.

Jonathan Li

Occupational Therapist

Jonathan joined CDC as an Occupational Therapist to further strengthen his expertise within a multidisciplinary team. He believes that interacting with children can develop one’s flexibility, patience and creativity.

Shirley Ng

Education Assistant

Inspired by the children in the CDC, Shirley is on her way to realising her goal to become a SEN teacher.

Halijah Brewster


An experienced professional, Halijah brings physiotherapy and expertise training from Australia with specialty training in sensory integration.

Sara Dobson

Occupational Therapist

Sara is an experienced Occupational Therapist who has worked in various settings in both Hong Kong and the United States.

Coley Yeung

Occupational Therapist

With well over 10 years of occupational therapy experience, Coley is a well-rounded therapist who has a wealth of knowledge in working with young children with individual needs.

Cherie Tan

Occupational Therapist

Following her passion to work with children through therapy and play, Cherie joined CDC in 2014 after working as a paediatric occupational therapist in the Philippines, Beijing and Shanghai.

Rita Tam

Senior Speech and Language Therapist

With both a speech pathology and an audiology degree, Rita brings a unique skill set to the therapy team.

Matthew Lee

Speech and Language Therapist

Wanting to make a difference in children’s lives, Matthew joined the CDC after qualifying and working in Australia.

Karen Kei

Speech and Language Therapist

Karen joined the CDC after receiving her speech and language pathology qualifications in the UK, bringing her experience in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and psychology.

Karen Lo

Speech & Language Therapist

Abreast of the newest methods and trends in speech therapy, Karen joined the CDC upon receiving her master’s degree in the USA.

Carrie Soo

Social Worker

Carrie is an experienced social worker and has an unwavering commitment to bettering the welfare of children and young people with different levels of needs and abilities.


Bonnie Woo

Assistant Operations Manager

Bik Ling Wan

Accounts Officer

Elaine Choi

Human Resources & Administrative Officer

Benedicta Chao

Administrative Officer

Erica Tam

Community Engagement Coordinator

Chiranjiv Wasan

Multimedia Design Officer

Adrian Leung

Project Officer

Crystal Lee

Administration Officer, Psychological Services

Lai Fun Tsang


Siu Wah Lui