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Vallabhi Khurana

Behaviour Therapist

M. Sc. (UCL), B. Sc. (Psych) (Hons)

Vallabhi’s passion for working with children of different levels of abilities and needs has driven her to join the CDC to become a Behaviour Therapist following her professional experience and exposure in developmental psychology in London and India.

Vallabhi worked as an Assistant Psychotherapist in London as well as a Trainee Observer in New Delhi upon completing her Master and Bachelor Degree in Psychology in the UK. Through her professional experience, Vallabhi has developed a strong commitment to providing support to children and adolescents with special educational needs whilst offering guidance to their families. She joined the CDC as a Behaviour Therapist and believes that the CDC is an ideal work place for her to apply her skills and further her professional experience. She is a strong believer in giving every child the opportunity to reach their potential and thrive.

  • Master of Science in Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice, University College London
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology, University of Nottingham